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    After several attempts to contact the president to discuss border issues, Gov. Rick Perry will finally meet Obama on Monday at the airport in Austin, to discuss solutions on how to better secure the border. The nationwide debate on the immigration law in Arizona has prompted elected officials... Full Article >>


    Texas news --As San Antonio police officers took Eric Cervera to the police station, he broke down and tearfully sobbed, "I didn't do anything."  Cervera was referring to the beating that killed his girlfriend's 2-year-old son.  Full Article>> 


    Texas news -- Governor Rick Perry has expressed willingness to sit down and talk to Barack Obama about border solutions.  Obama is scheduled to visit Texas on August 9, to raise funds for Democrats.  The itinerary for the visit and logistics are still being worked out by White House officials but Obama is expected to attend a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin. 

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    Texas news -- Governor Rick Perry and former mayor of Houston now face their final stretch in the race for the Texas governorship.  Perry, who has never lost an election, a new Rasmussen Poll showed Perry leading White, 50 percent to 41 percent. The new poll numbers are more favorable for Perry than a Public Policy Polling survey last month that showed White and Perry tied with 43 percent each.   Full Article>> 

    Texas news --The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the Green party can put itscandidates on the Statewide ballots for the November election while it evaluates claims from Democratic opponents that the Green Party received dubious donations.  

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