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Perry meets and greets Obama on Monday at airport




 by Joseph Ernest August 7, 2010


Newscast Media Austin, TX -- After several attempts to contact the president to discuss border issues, Gov. Rick Perry will finally meet Obama on Monday at the airport in Austin, to discuss solutions on how to better secure the border. 


The nationwide debate on the immigration law in Arizona has prompted elected officials to seek solutions on how to deal with the issue in their states.

"It's one of the reasons I want to meet with the president," Perry said. "I want to sit down with the president – or, matter of fact, I'll stand up – and share with him how to secure the border, because that's the issue that's important."  

Perry said  he wants to tell Obama "how we have found that you can secure the border. Our problem is that we just don't have the resources or the manpower to do it with any kind of basis that's going to be sustainable."

Obama plans to be in Austin and Dallas on Monday, and while in Austin, he will meet with students at the University of Texas campus.

As for the former Houston mayor Bill White, he said he doesn't feel any awkwardness about not meeting with Obama while he's in the state. White has angered members of the African American community in Texas for snubbing the first Black president, they say they are tired of being taken for granted by White.

White says the reason he can't meet with Obama is because he has a jam packed schedule, and is more concerned about getting the people to know him.

"I'm campaigning to represent the people of Texas," White said. "I've been in 44 counties within the last 36 days, and that number is growing. ... When I talk to citizens, they want to talk about the future of the state." Add Comments>>   





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