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Newscast Media was founded, and is 100 percent owned by Joseph Earnest with the purpose of delivering interactive news content right to your desktop.


Joseph's calling is to speak up for the oppressed and disadvantaged, and to bring public awareness about current events around the world, by the use of journalism and the mass media.


As the alternative news source, Newscast Media which is an independent news outlet, collaborates with journalists across the globe to furnish readers with fresh and rich


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 "There are a lot of stories and events that the mainstream  media refuses to cover, because it doesn't fit their political agenda or perhaps they are uncomfortable adapting to the changing tide in viewer readership or listenership," Joseph said. "The majority of media outlets develop content whose half-life is only three days to two weeks.  I refer to that as 'sound-bite content'.  At Newscast Media my intention is to create content that is timeless, such that three to five years from now, it will still be relevant."


In addition to national and international events, Newscast Media covers local Houston news, delivering it to a local audience of one of the top 10 markets in broadcasting.  


Joseph holds degrees in Multimedia, Psychology, and Broadcast Journalism.  He's also a Certified Web Developer and an avid Photographer and Videographer, who enjoys traveling to distant lands in search of content. He got his start in the media at the Houston CBS affiliate TV station as an intern, and was later hired as an independent contractor. He invites you to visit the photo gallery and see some of his work. (All photos taken with a SONY digital camera.)




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