™ Houston News and Breaking World News Tue, 22 Jul 2014 20:41:29 +0000 en Countries suspend flights to Tel Aviv out of fear of Hamas Moscow: Ukrainian jet detected close to MH17 before crash France redeploys troops into several of its former colonies Russia denies being behind downed Ukrainian aircraft US: Russia building up troops along Ukrainian border again Kerry Cites Very Real Gaps in Iran Nuclear Talks California court backs expulsion of tranny from Christian university UN Security Council Calls For Ceasefire in The Gaza Conflict Pentagon mulls drone strike against ISIL rebel leader al-Baghdadi Russia accuses America of kidnapping hacking suspect China and the US forge new model of strategic relations Hamas declares all Israelis targets after air raid on Gaza Obama signs Executive Order in regard to conflict in DRC US promises to resolve double agent tensions with Germany Clinton: Merkel currently the greatest leader in Europe ISIL rebels seize Syrian oilfield near the Syria-Iraqi border BRICS Nations Seek To Unseat Western-dominated World Bank Vladmir Putin: US-Russia relations not in good shape Sarkozy on the ropes as corruption charges against him loom Iraq update: Iranian warplanes repordedly deployed in Iraq Supreme Court: Religious businesses may reject providing birth control Obama responds in a letter to the issue of illegal immigration Barack Obama invades Texas courts on quest to turn Texas blue Maliki: Syria carried out Iraq border strike against ISIL