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Green Party on ballot for now, Texas Supreme Court rules

 by Joseph Ernest July4, 2010


texas supreme court


 Newscast Media -- The Texas Supreme Court has ruled that the Green party can put its candidates on the Statewide ballots for the November election while it evaluates claims from Democratic opponents that the Green Party received dubious donations.


Friday was the deadline for the party to file for its candidates, Deb Shafto (governor), Herb Gonzales, Jr. (lieutenant governor), Ed Lindsay (comptroller) and Art Browning (railroad commission) with the secretary of state, to whom the Green Party already submitted 92,000 signatures.  


Democrats argue that an outside group based in Missouri made donations of $532,000 that enabled the Green Party to gather as many signatures as they did. The other two candidates running for office are Rick Perry, who has been igovernor since 2000 and former Houston mayor Bill White.   Add comments>>







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