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Gov. Rick Perry willing to discuss border solutions with Barack Obama


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 by Joseph Ernest July 22, 2010


 Newscast Media -- Governor Rick Perry has expressed willingness to sit down and talk to Barack Obama about border solutions.  Obama is scheduled to visit Texas on August 9, to raise funds for Democrats.  The itinerary for the visit and logistics are still being worked out by White House officials but Obama is expected to attend a fundraiser for the Democratic National Committee at the Four Seasons Hotel in Austin.


Gov. Perry said, "I would sit down and meet with the president on border security. Absolutely."  Perry continued to say, "I want to talk to him about border security because Department of Public Safety Director Steve McCraw and our Texas Rangers and our local law enforcement have dealt with this issue. We have been able to show how you secure the border and would be happy to do that with Washington."


Janet Napolitano, Secretary of Homeland Security said Perry brought up the conversation about border security last month, and he said she was being testy.  Napolitano said, "He said I was testy. I thought I was firm."


The White House hasn't responded as whether or not Barack Obama will meet with Gov. Perry.                Add Comments>>  








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