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Governor Rick Perry and Bill White in a battle for Austin

 by Joseph Ernest July 17, 2010



 Newscast Media -- Governor Rick Perry and former mayor of Houston now face their final stretch in the race for the Texas governorship.  Perry, who has never lost an election, is currently ahead in the polls. A new Rasmussen Poll showed Perry leading White, 50 percent to 41 percent. The new poll numbers are more favorable for Perry than a Public Policy Polling survey last month that showed White and Perry tied with 43 percent each.


Bill White, is facing the greatest challenge of his political career since Texans traditionally tend to vote for Republican governors.  As a Democrat, since White lacks name recognition, he has to convince Texans that he is a different kind of Democrat willing to embrace bipartisanship, and not play party politics. People have to first know who he is before they decide to switch to a different administration, so as far as name recognition is concerned, Rick Perry has the odds in his favor.


Perry has successfully been able to tie White to Obama policies and says if White were elected, he'd implement Obama policies in an effort to please his fellow Democrats, and those same policies have put America in the position it finds itself in today. Perry's argument is that since Texas is already thriving, there is no need for radical change in leadership, which might only do more harm than good to the Lonestar state.     Add comments>>







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