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Behind The Scenes With Gov. Rick Perry And Supporters


 by Joseph Ernest July 8, 2010


 Videography by Joseph Ernest


 NewscastMedia -- Texas Gov. Rick Perry held a behind-the-scenes town hall meeting with his supporters in Sugarland, a Houston suburb, where he spoke about the current state of the economy.

Perry said, "This economy that we have today did not happen by accident." He continued to say, "Ronald Reagan got it.  He understood the principles of supply side economics.  That if you will not overburden the job creators with taxes and regulations, and litigation, that they will in turn, risk their capital and create jobs...and the economy and the people will flourish."

Rick Perry has always argued that Texas has the strongest economy in America that's why more and more businesses are moving to Texas. Perry has used this argument to persuade voters to cast their ballots for him, because his governorship has strengthened the industries in Texas and created jobs while other states are running on deficits.

In November, Perry will be facing his challenger, former Houston mayor Bill White, with whom he has refused to hold debates, until White releases all his tax returns.  White partially released some tax returns, but Perry still isn't satisfied and has demanded a full release of the entire documents.   Add comments>>







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