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Rand Paul: You did build that. You earned it. You worked hard

rand paul

Senator Rand Paul gave a landmark speech on America's greatness. Photo by Joseph Earnest

by Joseph Earnest  August 30, 2012    


Newscast Media TAMPA, Fla—Even though his father did not deliver a live speech, Rand Paul managed to talk about some of the topics his father Ron Paul has often addressed.  Surprisingly, in almost all the speeches given by all the speakers, either they or their grandparents only had $10 when they first started out in life.  Ten dollars must be the magic number for success, yet on a serious note, the spirit of entrepreneurship is one of the underlying messages of Romney's campaign.


Rand Paul's speech in part read:


When I heard the current president say, "You didn't build that," I was first insulted, then I was angered, then I was saddened that anyone in our country, much less the president of the United States, believes that roads create business success and not the other way around.

Anyone who so fundamentally misunderstands American greatness is uniquely unqualified to lead this great nation. The great and abiding lesson of American history, particularly the Cold War, is that the engine of capitalism -- the individual -- is mightier than any collective.

American inventiveness and desire to build developed because we were guaranteed the right to own our success. For most of our history, no one dared tell Americans: "You didn't build that."

To lead, we must transform the coldness of austerity into the warm, vibrant embrace of prosperity.

To overcome the current crisis, we must appreciate and applaud American success. We must step forward, unabashedly and proclaim: You did build that. You earned that. You worked hard. You studied. You labored. You did build that. And you deserve America's undying gratitude. For you, the individual, are the engine of America's greatness. Thank you.

Another titan at the convention was Governor Tim Pawlenty.

tim pawlenty

Gov. Tim Pawlenty at GOP Convention - Photo by Joseph Earnest


Pawlenty said, "We've had four years of Barack Obama in the White House. Ah, the Obama White House, one bad decision follows another. Hard to say exactly just what his worst mistake has been. There's so many to choose from: The stimulus. His energy policy. Obamacare. Taxes. Joe Biden. I hear Joe's particularly interested in tonight's proceedings. He even thought about coming here to Tampa. And he's taking notes because when Paul Ryan speaks, Joe will finally get to hear what a real vice president sounds like! But you know, President Obama isn't as bad as people say, he's actually worse."


He then continued to say, "I've come to realize that Barack Obama is the tattoo president. Like a big tattoo, it seemed cool when you were young. But later on, that decision doesn't look so good, and you wonder: what was I thinking? But the worst part is you're still going to have to explain it to your kids.

"Next week, Barack Obama will plead with America to give his failed ideas another chance. He's asking Americans to give him more time and more money. Well sorry, Mr. President, but you're out of time, and we're out of money. Barack Obama's failed us. But look, it's understandable. A lot of people fail at their first job."


In support of Romney Gov. Pawlenty then concluded by saying, "Mitt Romney knows what our problems are, and he has the tools, the experience, the energy and the right polices to fix them. After four years of this president, we need Mitt Romney now, more than ever. I'm proud to be supporting him for president of the United States, and I know you are too. And with any luck, in a few months, Barack Obama will at last get some experience in the private sector.
Thank you. God bless you, and God bless the United States of America."

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