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GOP unveils debt clock inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum

national debt

 GOP brandished a giant clock with the national debt balooning to almost $16 trillion

by Joseph Earnest  August 27, 2012               


Newscast Media TAMPA, FlaWhen Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus gavels the convention to order today, a second national debt clock will be activated, this one measuring increases in U.S. indebtedness during the four days of the convention. Priebus announced yesterday that another debt clock will measure the entire federal debt, now approaching $16 trillion.  Both will be ticking away in full view of convention attendees and television cameras from a location inside the Tampa Bay Times Forum. 

"The first clock will bring home the full magnitude of the problem, while this second clock will impress upon the nation just how much our government overspends in the span of only four days," said Priebus. "Both clocks highlight the magnitude of our debt problem."

tampa florida

           Outside the heavily-guarded Tampa Bay Times Forum is hosting the GOP Convention


The record-high national debt stands at $15.9 trillion, with nearly a third of this overspending the direct responsibility of this President.

"Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan understand that burdening our children with such massive debt is a loan on their future," Priebus said. "We can do better than this, and on day one of the Romney-Ryan Administration, Mitt Romney will take immediate action to cut federal spending and bring the debt under control."

When he was sworn in as governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney inherited a $3 billion budget gap, Priebus recalled.  "Thanks to bold, sensible cost-cutting efforts he initiated, Governor Romney left the taxpayers with a $2 billion surplus - a 'rainy day' fund - just four years later."
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