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2012 election



Senator Marco Rubio and Clint Eastwood - GOP convention

marco rubio

Senator Marco Rubio made these remarks at the GOP convention: "We are special because we've been united not by a common race or ethnicity. We're bound together by common values. That family is the most important institution in society. That almighty God is the source of all we have. Special, because we've never made the mistake of believing that we are so smart that we can rely solely on our leaders or our government. Our national motto is "In God we Trust," reminding us that faith in our Creator is the most important American value of all." Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  August 31, 2012    


Newscast Media TAMPA, Fla—Senator Maro Rubio, Gov. Jeb Bush, Clint Eastwood, and other guests were among the attendees at the GOP convention.

marco rubio

Senator Marco Rubio at the Republican National Convention. Photo by Joseph Earnest


jeb bush

Jeb Bush said, "Fact is, this election is not about just one office. It is about one nation. If we want to continue to be the greatest nation on the planet, we must give our kids what we promise them: An equal opportunity. That starts in the classroom. It starts in our communities. It starts where you live. And it starts with electing Mitt Romney the next President of the United States." Photo by Joseph Earnest


clint eastwood

Clint Eastwood's message to Obama: "...But I just think that there is so much to be done, and I think that Mr. Romney and Mr. Ryan are two guys that can come along. See, I never thought it was a good idea for attorneys to the president, anyway." Photo by Joseph Earnest


seven band

Musical group "Seven" performed National Anthem at the GOP Convention. Photo by Joseph Earnest


bebe winans

BeBe Winans performed his song "America" at the GOP convention. Photo by Joseph Earnest


taylor hicks

Taylor Hicks performing "Taking it to the streets" at the GOP Convention. Photo by Joseph Earnest


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