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2012 election



We Believe in America-Thursday's theme for GOP convention

joseph earnest

Romney-Ryan supporters in the front row with campaign signs. Photo by Joseph Earnest

by Joseph Earnest  August 30, 2012      

Newscast Media TAMPA, Fla—Thursday marks the last day of the Republican National Convention in which Mitt Romney will officially accept the nomination for president. Together with his running mate Paul Ryan, the pair have named Thursday's theme: "We Believe In America."


Guest speakers for the event will include: Newt and Calista Gingrich, Speaker John Boehner, Gov. Jeb Bush, Craig Romney, Olympians, Marco Rubio, a mystery guest, music by BeBe Winans and much more.

joseph earnest

 A jam-packed Tampa Bay Times Forum during Paul Ryan's Speech. Photo by Joseph Earnest

 While George W. Bush focused his campaign on protecting America, and Barack Obama on ushering in Change, the Romney-Ryan campaign is focusing on reclaiming the American dream through job creation, reducing spending and cutting the size of government while lowering taxes.


The Romney campaign has done an effective job in painting Romney as someone who loves America, with the implication that Obama feels the opposite.  The patriotism is apparent in all the speeches, and we should expect to hear more about the American dream on Thursday night.

joseph earnest

A different view of the audience at the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Florida

Photo by Joseph Earnest

There is also a digital clock hanging on the wall as a reminder of how much debt has been accumulated in the past four years. Candidates' speeches are made available to the media, but are embargoed until after the candidates take the stage--thereafter media practitioners are free to publish the speeches.   Add Comments>>


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