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Part V: The Trinity Unveiled--Sun Worship or Son Worship?

 joseph earnest

The prophet Isaiah—Photo by Joseph Earnest: Piazza di Spagna - Rome, Italy


by Joseph Earnest  February 10, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasAn important aspect of paganism involves sun worship and celebration of the equinoxes through rituals.  The different sun gods all emanate from Nimrod even though different cultures give him different names. The claim that by worshipping Jesus Christ the Son of God, Christians are mirroring the pagan worship of the sun god should also be rejected for the following reasons:


Sun-worshippers believe there is a deity, namely Ra (from whom we get the phrase "sun ray"), responsible for day and night in which the sun rules over the day, while the moon rules over the night.


However, this claim is contradicted by the Holy Scripture.  The reason why the sun rises and sets at its appointed time is not because the pagan god Ra gives it the power to do so, but because the Lord God signed a contract with the sun.  The Holy Scriptures give us the details about what was in this agreement. In Jeremiah chapter thirty-three verse nineteen, we learn that God told Jeremiah that he had made a covenant with day and night so that they would come at their proper times.joseph earnest

The contract indicates that the sunrise (responsible for day) and sunset (responsible for night) would occur at their appointed time. Therefore the only reason the sun rises and sets, or the reason we have night and day, is because the sun cannot violate the contract (covenant) between itself and God.


The contract (covenant) also comes with a lifetime warranty, that says there is nothing that can stop the sun from rising and setting as long as the earth is in existence, because God said so. Genesis 8:22 displays this lifetime warranty:

joseph earnest

God's contract comes with a performance guarantee, yet the sun that pagans worship depends on God for its own sustenance.


Finally, it would make no sense for Christians to borrow from the pagan practice of sun-worship because in God's infinite wisdom, He foresaw this sun-worship and announced the fate of the sun.  Despite having signed a contract appointing a time when the sun would rise and set (day and night), God considers it unacceptable for people to worship His creation instead of the creator. The contract with the sun is only valid within the confines of time, under which the earth operates.


Outside of time, the contract can be terminated by God who exists in eternity.

Revelation tells us what will happen to the sun eventually, in chapter 22 verse five: "...And there will be no night there—no need for lamps or the sun..."


joseph earnest

The verse above shows that at some point, God will retire the sun.  Since He has the power to discontinue solar activity, it is the sun that needs God to continue shining, not the other way around.


It is evident that God's glory will shine upon His people and the sun's presence will no longer be necessary. Christians know this, so it would be illogical to worship a pagan god Ra (the sun), who will eventually become extinct, as the real deal Jesus Christ forewarns that one day, Ra, who many currently worship, will be terminated.

Christians worship the Son Jesus Christ, not because they are indirectly worshipping the sun-god, but because Christ is the Supreme Lord of Lords and Saviorthe creator and sustainer of everything.


What sense would it make to worship an object that will eventually cease to exist, instead of worshipping the creator of that object, who will live forever and ever?


(iii) Conclusion:

Having viewed all the evidence, as far as the Holy Trinity is concerned, we find that at the end Matthew's gospel, Christ makes a direct reference to the Trinity when He says: "...Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost." (Original KJV)

It is compelling that the first verses of the book of Genesis establish the existence of the Trinity, while the last verses in the gospel of Jesus' disciple Matthew confirm the presence of that same Holy Trinity.

As for the woman and child, it has been demonstrated that the concept has its origins in the garden of Eden that existed before the earth was populated, while the claim that worshipping the Son (Jesus Christ) traces its origins in paganism, has been invalidated and debunked in this article above.

Final Judgment:

In regard to the validity of any claim, an invalid claim that is presented, is nullified and superceded by a valid one. All claims that the pagan virgin and child, sun-worship and the pagan trinity, are the foundation upon which Christianity was formed, have been proven false. As such, they must be dismissed with prejudice, because Lucifer has continuously perjured himself on the record, by peddling his lies, since he is the father of all lies.


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