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Part I: The Trinity Unveiled-Pagan Origin or Biblically Sound?

joseph earnest

Bernini's Holy Trinity in Glory. God the Son is seen seated at the right hand side of God the Father, while the Holy Spirit is represented as a dove above them.


by Joseph Earnest  February 10, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasHumans by nature are spiritual beings, regardless of who or what they choose to believe in.  These beliefs can be traced back to the earliest civilizations in both Egypt and Sumeria. Out of these two, emerged different faiths and deities, most of which are still present even in the information age.  The most controversial belief system, claims that Christianity's symbolism has its roots in paganism, and is a derivative of the same.  One cannot tackle the topic of the Trinity without dealing with "sun worship"a practice that continues to this very day.

I will therefore present the findings from my research to my readers, and like a judge, I will make my ruling at the very end, having considered evidence from both sides. This topic has been deeply researched, therefore it will be a little bit longer than the usual articles I write.  I will lay an extensive background, that will bring the article to a crescendo.

Readers will be able to download the entire article either in PDF format (.pdf) or eBook format (.epub) to read on a mobile device (Android/iPhone/iPad etc... or even laptop or desktop computer).

(i) Origins of the Holy Trinity

We begin by confronting the claim that the Holy Trinity observed in Christianity is a derivative of paganism.  This argument is based on the triad gods that were worshipped in ancient Babylon and also Egypt.  The Egyptian pagan trinity consisted of: Ra (the sun god), Amun (god of the air and creator) sometimes called Ammon where you get the Amorites, and Ptah (chief god of architects and craftsmen).

Sun worship was widely practiced because these ancient civilizations believed that there was a sun god who made the sun rise, and set. Shamash was the sun god of the Mesopotamians, Akkadians, and Assyrians. Nimrod was the sun god of Babylonians, while Ra or Re was the Egyptian sun god.

There were also moon or lunar goddesses that were worshipped along with the sun. Isis is the Egyptian lunar goddess also called Queen of Heaven. Diana is Roman goddess of the hunt and the moon goddess. Artemis and Selene are Greek moon goddesses. The moon goddesses have various names like, Astarte, Ashtoreth or, Asherah.

Because all these civilizations had a common god who was the sun god, and because the Egyptian pagan trinity is also made up of a sun god, it would be in order, to lay a background that establishes the origin of this deity that is also mentioned in the Holy Bible. For the claims to be true that modern Christianity plagiarized pagan beliefs, it would have to be proven that the Christian Trinity is a fairly new concept, while the pagan trinity is ancient.

We therefore turn to the founder of the most influential civilization and kingdom, since it was established right after Noah's floodhis name is Nimrod.  However, we also will have to find an alternative secular text that verifies the biblical account of a flood taking place.  The Epic of Gilgamesh which is an ancient account of the flood will serve that purpose. Gilgamesh gives an account of animals boarding a ship right before the flood.

joseph earnest

After the flood happened, Noah's sons re-populated the earth, and it was at this point that different religious beliefs were formed including the pagan trinity. One of Noah's sons by the name of Ham had a descendant named Cush, whose descendant was Nimrod, according to Genesis chapter ten verse eight: "Cush was also the ancestor of Nimrod who was the first heroic warrior on earth."

joseph earnest

This biblical account of Noah's descendants after the flood shows that Nimrod stood out, and was the first ruler of the world. Not only was he a hunter, but also a warrior, therefore it makes sense that he was viewed as a god-man even during his day while he walked the earth.


Kingdoms and cities in ancient times were named after people, therefore Ham's son Cush (Kush) or Ethiopia, named his kingdom after himself. Likewise, here in America, Washington D.C. was named after George Washington.


In verse seven it talks about Sabteca, a descendant of Cush.  That kingdom still exists in the East African nation of Uganda, and the king is still referred to as Sabataka (Sabteca), just like he was in the book of Genesis.


When Nimrod died, because he was the first one-world ruler who subdued many nations and ruled the earth, it was believed by Babylonians that Nimrod was the one who made the sun rise and set. He was therefore elevated to the status of "sun god" and was worshipped as such.


However, we are told that he was a descendant of Cush, which means Ethiopia. If Nimrod was born in Africa, how did he end up in the land of Babylonia where he built his kingdom?  Find out in Part II of the Trinity unveiled and sun worship>>


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