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Part IV: The Trinity Unveiled--Pagan or Christian Madonna?

joseph earnest

The Sistine Madonna by Rafael


by Joseph Earnest  February 10, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasThe moon or lunar goddess in pagan worship is also referred to as the Queen of Heaven, who is believed to be the consort of the sun-god. We previously saw that the pagan moon goddess can be identified as Isis or Astarte, Asherah and several different names.


Because this Queen of Heaven was also a consort of the sun god, it was believed that worshipping and making sacrifices to her would increase the fertility rates of her followers. The bible identifies her and God refuses to listen to the prayers of those who worship her, because they were provoking Him to anger in Jeremiah 7:18.


joseph earnest


The worship of any being related to heaven is forbidden by God, so is offering sacrifices. Luciferians celebrate full moons and lunar festivals in honor of the lunar goddess the Queen of Heaven, Isis or Astarte.


To refute the argument that the Christian Virgin and Child were borrowed from paganism, we have to look back to the book of Genesis 3:15, to find the earliest reference of a woman and child. You have to pay attention to the pronouns God uses in verse 15.  God uses the pronoun "her" (her offspring...) and also uses the pronoun "He" (He will strike...)


joseph earnest

God makes a prophecy directly to the serpent that the woman would have an offspring and he would strike that ancient serpent on its head. From that day forth, Satan attempted to corrupt the human race to prevent this prophecy from coming to pass. It was a Messianic prophecy of a woman having a child. Pagans took this biblical prophecy and after the flood of Noah, they offered sacrifices to their goddess Asherah (Isis/Astarte) and the son (Tammuz/Horus) in order to find favor with them.


It is in the fifteenth verse that we see an image of a woman (her) and a boy-child (He), paving the way for the Virgin Mary and the Christ child.  Because these words were spoken directly to satan before any civilization or religion was formed, Lucifer took this idea of a woman and child thousands of years later, he then corrupted it by blending it with pagan religions, the result was the goddess Isis (her) with a boy-child Horus (He), or Semiramis (her) and her boy-child Tammuz (He).  Lucifer now turns around and uses Luciferians and Satanists to accuse Christians of stealing the concept of woman and child from him, when in fact it is Lucifer, the unemployed cherub, who stole it directly from God. What!


This prophecy that originated in the garden of Eden came to fruition when Jesus Christ said, "It is finished," before taking His last breath on the cross. When He died and rose again, Jesus Christ had defeated death, hell and the grave. Christ would later proclaim and declare, in his very last words found at the end of Matthew's gospel, "I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth..."


Just as Lucifer lied to Eve and sowed seeds of doubt in her heart by asking, "Did God say...?" Luciferians are trying to sow seeds of doubt into weak Christians by deceiving them into thinking the Madonna and child were originally pagan symbols. The method behind such madness is to cause weak Christians to abandon their faith, to entice more unbelievers into pagan worship, and to prevent Christianity from getting new converts


Having traced the symbol of a woman and child back to the garden of Eden, we can determine that the pagan woman and child theme came long after God's announcement of a woman bearing a boy-child who would strike Lucifer's head.  It is therefore Christians, not the pagans, whose concept of the Madonna and Child is original and authentic. What about sun and Son worship?

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