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2012 election



Obama throws the biggest street party in Charlotte - CarolinaFest

carolina fest

An Obama supporter with his logo painted in her hair at CarolinaFest street party. Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  September 3, 2012              

Newscast Media CHARLOTTE, NCCharlotte law enforcement officials estimate that roughly 30,000 people attended the historic CarolinaFest 2012 today in Uptown Charlotte. Despite the heat and rain, the mood was high in Charlotte today as delegates, members of the media, and local residents enjoyed the free, family–friendly festival. The festival was actually an Obama street party with Obama memorabilia and songs dedicated to him by the artists who performed.

"I am so happy that Charlotte was able to have the opportunity to open the convention experience to tens of thousands of more people than ever before. It was great to see both local residents and convention visitors pack Uptown Charlotte streets, frequent local restaurants, experience the Legacy Village, and  -- most importantly — have a great time. Uptown was certainly alive today," said Charlotte in 2012 Executive Director Dr. Dan Murrey.

carolina fest

Janelle Monáe (R) performing before tens of thousands of festivalgoers.  Vogue Magazine has called Janelle Monáe “a different kind of diva” and Sean “Diddy” Combs says that she is “a true visionary” and “one of the most important signings of his career.” For the singer/songwriter, however, the impetus remains the same as it’s been since before her Grammy-nominated debut EP Metropolis: Suite I: The Chase captured the imaginations of fans and artists.  Photo by Joseph Earnest


carolina fest

Backup singers for Janelle Monáe at CarolinaFest in Charlotte . Photo by Joseph Earnest




Backup singers for Janelle Monáe strike a pose for Newscast Media. Photo by Joseph Earnest



carolina fest

Over 30,000 people attended CarolinaFest that included performers like Jeff Bridges, West End Mambo James Taylor, Simplified and many more acts. Photo by Joseph Earnest


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