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Part III: West turns the heat up--The Great Lakes coming undone



by Joseph Earnest  June 10, 2014   


Newscast Media WASHINGTONIf it is true that another community or empire made of ethnic Tutsis was the main reason behind the rebels' occupation of Congo, or the Great Lakes, then that plan started to come undone less than a year ago.


If the West itself is fighting against what it sees as the oppression of Africans by African leaders, and is demanding accountability, then it is safe to say that when the colonialists left, the African leaders who followed did not dismantle the systemthey simply used it to stay in power and acquire more power for themselves.


What we see right now from Libya, to Egypt, to Ivory Coast, Sudan, Nigeria, Malawi and now the Great Lakes, is the West embarking on an undertaking to dismantle an imperialistic system operated by Africans wearing a Black facewhich means Africa did not really achieve independence in the 1960s and beyond. It was a hoax!


Independence can only be celebrated when the African leaders themselves dismantle what their colonial masters left in place to control Africans, and allow the citizenry to debate openly, enjoy a true democracy without having to tamper with the Constitution to gain an unfair advantage, restore property rights including the return of stolen properties, and to allow a free press to flourish.


Barack Obama, who probably understands Africa better than his fellow Democrats appears to be removing the remnants of the methodologies that are keeping Africa in a form of arrested development, since African leaders appear to be oblivious to the cries of their own people. That's why we are seeing these changes sweeping across the Continent, that are meant to set the stage for an African renaissance.


The natives and indigenous Africans are tired of the endless unnecessary wars that their leaders drag them into, since these same wars account for much of the poverty in Africa. For once, they want leaders whose interests benefit the people and not just a small clique of connected individuals at the top. Boys and girls want to have grandmothers and grandfathers, while parents want to experience raising children to adulthood.  With rampant preventable diseases, endless wars, and the lives lost fighting them, it is almost an impossibility for some sections of the indigenous population to live to a ripe old age. Some natives just die of broken hearts.


Citizens who are fortunate enough to attain an education want to use their expertise to develop industries without being considered threats by government agents since an educated African is considered a dangerous one. Mothers would like to have childbirths without having to worry about dying in hospitals, yet those deaths could be prevented if the governments invested an adequate percentage of funds in health institutions and training of medical practitioners.


Yet these basic necessities of society are too much to ask from an African leader who has a sense of entitlement. Why should the citizens have that level of liberty, he asks? Why should employment opportunities be availed to the youth? Why should crime be eliminated, since crime keeps people in fear and makes the oppressive government and its officials relevant. Why should elections be fair, he continues to ask himself. Why should the Constitution be upheld and why should people live in harmony with one another?


To allow these freedoms, these African leaders believe, is political suicide, so crises are manufactured. Strife is encouraged behind the scenes to create divisions between one ethnic group and another. Public funds are squandered by public officials to deny the citizenry delivery of services and their inherent right of reaching their fullest potential. Election laws are not respected, to prevent the next generation from leading their countries with innovative nation-building ideas.


The young and old die of preventable diseases, and the population that is left is worn out from grief, poverty, broken dreams and despair. Even the rich are wary about enjoying their hard-earned money lest they become targets of robberies or victims of crime. Landowners are hesitant to develop large-scale income-generating projects out of fear that the land will be grabbed from them and given to foreign investors for pennies on the dollar.  


The result is a majority population filled with apathy, that lacks ambition and drive...then the puppetmaster responsible for creating the oppressive conditions says to himself, "Now I have them where I want them."

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