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Team USA vs. Italy Rugby Game in Houston, Texas (Italy 30 USA 10)

joseph earnest

Photography by Joseph Earnest

Team USA (white) played against Italy (blue) in Houston-Texas. Italy won the game by 30-10.


by Joseph Earnest  June 25, 2012                       ENTER PHOTO GALLERY>>


Newscast Media HOUSTON, Texas Houston hosted the international rugby match in which USA played against Italy on June 23. Before the game, a pre-game party was held at Lucky's where thousands of fans gathered in support of Team USA.

Italy's Carlo Festuccia scored the first seven (7) points, followed by a penalty awarded to Team USA giving it three (3) points.  Italy also got a penalty awarded to it for three (3) additional points making the score 10-3 against the US. Team USA then plowed through the Italian team scoring an additional seven (7) points that tied the game. Italy won the game after all by a 30-10 win against Team USA.


However, a sporting event isn't a sporting event in Houston without a brawl.  Both teams started hurling insults at each other in the second half, as players shoved one another.  Team USA then all of a sudden started spraying the Italian players with fiststhe referee ended the fist fight by issuing a couple of red cards to the US team.  


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