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2012 election


Texas voting machines switch votes from Romney to Obama



by Joseph Earnest  October 27, 2012  


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—A news alert just came in from the Republican Party of Texas about voting machines that have switched votes from the Romney-Ryan ticket to the Obama-Biden ticket or the Green Party.


RPT Chairman Steve Munisteri wrote: "We have verified at least two instances in the state of Texas where an electronic voting machine did not correctly register the vote that the voter marked. In one instance, the person voted for Romney/Ryan, and the voting machine registered Obama/Biden. In another instance, the person voted straight Republican ticket, and the voting machine registered straight Green Party ticket. In both instances, the voter caught the mistake and reported it to the Election Judge, and the voter was able to vote the way they wanted."


The Republican Party of Texas believes that these weird occurrences could be as a result of "miscalibration" of the voting machines.  If you're a candidate in such a tight race, your prayer is that the machines continue to miscalibrate in your favor.


The entire message from the Republican Party of Texas is here. (pop-up)


Early voting in Texas is already taking place, and below are the names of individuals that may be contacted by phone or email in regard to voting irregularities.  The officials  are mostly Republican, because it is only Republican voters whose votes are being switched.  Democrat voters aren't having any vote-switching problems.

The Republican Party of Texas Ballot Integrity Task Force

Melinda Fredricks
, RPT Vice Chairman
Eric Opiela
, RPT Assistant General Counsel
Beth Cubriel, RPT Executive Director
Marian Stanko
, SREC Organization Committee Chairman
Jean McIver
, SREC Officials Committee Member
Toni Anne Dashiell
, Kendall County Republican Party Chairman
Amy Clark
, Immediate Past Chairman SREC Organization Committee
Besa Martin
, TFRW Vice President Legislation




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