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2012 election


Texas Attorney General To UN Observers: Stay Away From Texas


 Texas State Capitol Building in Austin     


by Joseph Earnest  October 25, 2012  


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—True to the saying: "Don't Mess With Texas", Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott has warned UN election observers not to come to Texas polling stations or they may face criminal prosecution for violating state law, as stipulated in the Texas Election Code, regarding foreigners.


In a defiant letter to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, the AG wrote:"As you know, Texas election laws govern anyone who participates in Texas elections. The fact that representatives of the United States joined the U.S.S.R, Yugoslavia, Romania, and other OSCE member-nations in signing a document at a 1989 conference in Copenhagen has absolutely no bearing on the administration of elections or laws governing elections in the State of Texas.


"In addition to my desire to defend and enforce Texas election laws, I am also concerned that an unnecessary political agenda may have infected OSCE’s election monitoring activities.


"While we welcome international visitors who wish to engage in a legitimate information exchange, we have no interest in being lectured by the OSCE about how best to conduct the State of Texas’ business."

Attorney General Abbott added: "I'm particularly offended that the European organization seems to be working with American groups tied to ACORN -- a community coalition accused of voter fraud."

The letter from the OSCE suggests that the international group can circumvent Texas election law by gaining unfettered access to Texas' polling locations. That appears to violate Texas law which prevents unauthorized persons from entering a polling place, or loitering within 100 feet of a polling place's entrance-on Election Day. OSCE monitors are not granted an exception to Texas law.

The entire letter to Hillary Clinton can be downloaded here. (pop-up)

Should the UN election observers ignore the warning from the AG, one thing they will find out very quickly is that Texas is a whole different country, and extremely protective of the Republic of Texas, unlike most of the other states in the US.


The UN together with Amnesty International have on several past occasions tried to intervene in death penalty cases that involved foreign nationals committing crimes against Texans and have failed. (pop-up) This showdown between Texas and the UN is certainly something the Attorney General Greg Abbott and Texas Governor Rick Perry are used to.  


The AG has also been busy on Twitter sending out the following tweets:

poll watchers


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