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Part III: Print Media Unveiled--The effects of social media

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Some of the surviving popular print publications in America —Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest February 17, 2013


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasSocial media is currently playing a very important role in shaping the perceptions of society.  The oldest social network is eBay, which was developed to help people auction brand new and used goods.  Since then, other social networks have emanated, some of which have lost relevance and are now defunct. While some view social networks as a status symbol, others use it to promote products or services.  There are those who also use it to build brands.


If used correctly, social networking can help create solid leads and a loyal following for those who rely on it to create a buzz about what they have to offer.  Since one doesn't need a solid vocabulary to use social media, it has the side-effect of greatly impairing the communication skills of those addicted to it, because communication takes place in a virtual world.


The only print that can be affected by social  media is the one that has to do with gossip and yellow journalism (sensationalism).  You can find that any day on social networks, that's why people feel no need to invest in the hard copy (print version) if they can be part of an interactive viral interchange online.


Only the print media that offers content with substance, shall endure because there will always be a certain class in society, the highly-cultured class, that will be willing to invest in such material. It is the same class that has preserved ancient manuscripts and funded public libraries.  Those are the ones who offer grants and endowments to researchers, to assist them in accumulating knowledge that is eventually printed in journals and anthologies.  People who read such journals do not waste money on tabloids or idle gossip.  


Voltaire, the great French writer said, "Verses which do not teach men new and moving truths, do not deserve to be read."


That's the reason why such people are referred to as the "ruling elite".  They have attained that position in society because they value information that others take for granted. They reward promising pupils and students with scholarships, grants or fellowships to separate them from the pack.  Such students or graduates are given access to those at the top of the food chain, because they have demonstrated a desire to evolve mentally by their continual pursuit of knowledge, wisdom and discernment.


Given the above considerations, I can confidently conclude, without the fear of contradiction, that print is here to stay, just as jeans will never go out of style.


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