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ACT III - How women view men-the evidence of beauty in the invisible realm



                                                        Lady Justice


   by Joseph Earnest  April 18, 2012

Newscast Media NEW YORKAlbert Hofstadter and Richard Kuhns, both of whom are professors of philosophy, have this to say about beauty: "The beauty of objects is an emanation of beauty itself, and that in turn is an emanation of the good of the intellect. Hence individual beauty is, as it were, a symbol of cosmic harmony and a symbol of the higher reality to which all beautiful things are related and upon which all individual experiences of beauty depend."


While most people relate beauty to physical objects, it is that misapplication that has lead to remarks made by media figures in regard to how people are judged by their looks.  As I said before, authentic beauty is a manifestation of the source of beauty.  Therefore, the physical beauty that people squabble about is simply an imitation of beauty itself, like Professors Hofstadler and Kuhns so eloquently articulated in their description.


Because my description approaches beauty as something that transcends the senses and the physical realm namely, Divine accordance, which is the source of authentic beauty, I will demonstrate the veracity of my argument using an example of a blind man who is not limited to the senses:


Suppose a beautiful sculpture were placed before a blind man. He would not be able to accurately describe its beauty because he is being limited to the senses. Take that same man, and put him in the presence of someone who provides him an intellectually-stimulating conversation; thereafter place him in the company of someone who is well-mannered and courteous toward him.  Finally, take him inside a courtroom where an oppressed person is facing an injustice, and a just judge intervenes on behalf of the oppressed person to correct the injustice.


At the end of the day, ask the blind man to describe for you all three events.  To the first event where he was put in the presence of someone who engaged him in an intellectually-stimulating conversation he will say: "I had a beautiful interchange during the conversation."  About the second scenario where he was placed in the company of someone who was well-mannered and of courteous behavior he will say: "I had a beautiful experience in the presence of the well-mannered and courteous person."  As for the just judge who intervened and corrected an injustice, the blind man  will say, "The act of the judge correcting an injustice on behalf of the oppressed was a beautiful act."


How then, can a conversation, good manners, and justice be described as beautiful by a man who cannot see?  How can manners that can't felt or seen by the senses be beautiful?  How can an act of justice be described as beautiful, yet it dwells in the invisible realm along with other virtues?


The reason is because the blind man discerns beauty from its true source, and anything that is authentically beautiful can only be described as being in sync with Divine accordance.


Our physical beauty fadesthe peacocking and fancy material things pale in comparison with the beauty that speaks to our souls, and manifests itself through our actions. While physical beauty is relative, authentic beauty is absolute and universal.  What one culture may consider physically attractive, may be repulsive to another in regard to physical beauty.


However, that cannot be said about authentic beauty.  Authentic beauty is timeless. Travel to any part of the world, or even the deepest villages in distant landsthe acts of justice, kindness or courtesy will always be considered beautiful acts.


The discussion that researchers and the media spend too much needless time focusing on, should shift from the conspicuous that is temporary, to the inconspicuous that leaves a permanent and timeless impression. To conclude this Beauty series, you may read or download the research study here. (pop-up)


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