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Pt III-Barack Obama worried about military operatives' plan


Bush-43 and Bush-41 basking in the presence of the military Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  November 22, 2012  


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—Bush may not have been a favorite in the press, but one thing Obama has always envied about Bush is the love and respect the military has for George W. Bush. Denying the military the right to vote certainly did not help, since those are the men and women fighting to protect our rights to vote.


The resentment from the military exhibited itself recently when the White House gave orders for the military to "stand down" and not help Ambassador Stevens. Bound by duty to protect a US citizen, Rear Admiral Charles M. Gaouette, commander of Carrier Strike Group Three in the Middle East, and AFRICOM commander General Carter Ham, who alone has 40 years of military service under his belt, disregarded the White House order and decided to attempt a rescue. Ham was allegedly apprehended and relieved of duty followed by Gaouette, as shown in the video below: 


The Navy Times reports that Gen. David Rodriguez succeed Gen. Carter Ham, who has commanded Africa Command (AFRICOM) since March 2011. The dismissal of these top-ranking generals has many within military circles, and as far as the Kremlin conclude that these aren't just routine rotations, but Barack Obama is seriously worried about military agents within the government, since generals are blatantly defying White House orders.


This concern could be the reason why instead of rejoicing on election night, Obama was crying—almost as though he has a premonition that his second term in the White House will be no cake-walk.  His suspicions are now coming true with the closed-door hearings and testimony by military generals, that contradicts the original reports released by the White House.


It would be scary especially for a president who has absolutely no military experience, to think about the possibility of harboring several other unidentified defiant generals embedded with the armed forces, since the military is a whole different game than community organizing.


While Bill Clinton used the IRS to silence those who opposed him, Obama has been known to dig up sex scandals to silence his opponents.  However, those scandals can only help so much.  When one is dealing with military men who have sworn to protect the Constitution from enemies, foreign and domestic, not even the media or Obama himself can decode the secret codes and oaths of silence which reinforce the sense of fraternity necessary for the maintenance of the military's strict loyalty to the principles this nation is founded upon. Watch and see how Benghazi-gate evolves by the day, with new twists and turns.  Add Comments>>


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