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Part I -Obama paranoid about military operatives in govt


Barack Obama waves to the audience Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  November 22, 2012  


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.He wanted a second term so badly, the thought of losing the presidential race was something Barack Obama and the Chicago machine were unprepared to assimilate.  They would use whatever it took to ensure Obama was back in the White House for an additional four years.  They got what they wanted, but quickly found out there were adversaries within the government, that not even the media that fiercely protects Obama, could stand against.


It is one thing for the media to bad-mouth anybody Conservative or God-fearing, but when it comes to attacking the militaryeven the media knows that their fanaticism has to be kept in check. They know they should choose their battles carefully.


In the past several months, there was worry within the White House about a possible military coup against Obama. Those worries were justified, and the Benghazi murder of Chris Stevens added fuel to the fire. The media has always refers to those who disagree with liberals as crazy lunatics, but you do not hear them use that term against military agents, who've been in the trenches. The reason is because they know that the real people who run this country are members of the military. Among the military agents, there are people who have already demonstrated a violent naturepeople who have few reservations about harming or hurting other people.


CNN recently reported about a group of ex-military agents who call themselves FEAR which is an acronym for Forever Enduring Always Ready. The group said their aim was "to give the government back to the people." (pop-up)

The CIA's purpose is to gather information, but the military heads the show, that's why there are several former high-ranking military officers working for multinational corporations. All the major decisions in this country are made by the military, including in the justice system.

There is a group of about eighteen or twenty people running this country. They have not been elected. The elected people are only figureheads for these guys who have a lot more power than even the President of the United States. Obama understands this very well, that's why I disagree with those who said if Obama had lost the election, the liberals would have burned down America as they had threatened.  There is no way the military would allow the country they love and shed blood for to go down in flames.

Mitt Romney even sent his son Matt Romney to Russia with a letter that was hand-delivered to Vladmir Putin, saying he wanted good relations with Russia because he feared a civil war would happen if Obama lost. (pop-up)

Romney's fears were real because liberals had publicly declared that they would assassinate Mitt Romney if he defeated Obama. (pop-up)

While Obama did not denounce the assassination plots against Romney and the threats of riots across America, he had his own demons to deal with, Benghazi being the biggest one of them.  As the media tried to cover up Benghazi, military agents continuously leaked details of the assassination of Chris Stevens to the alternative media.  When emails were also leaked, the mainstream media finally was forced to address the issue, even though they waited until after the election to do so.

Although some in the media are referring to this as Obama's Watergate, as far as investigation is concerned, it is nowhere near Watergate.  To begin with, not a single media practitioner is interested in digging for the truthand even when the truth is available, it is suppressed.  Remember, the role of the media is not to report the truth, but to hide the truth. Part II-Find out the role of the military>>

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