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Presidential  candidate Bobi Wine narrowly escapes attempted assassination

 Screenshot of Bobi Wine from MapMedia

by Joseph Earnest, December 2, 2020


Newscast Media KAMPALA, Uganda—Uganda's presidential candidate Bobi Wine, also known as Kyagulanyi Sentamu, narrowly escaped an assassination attempt on his life, as he tried in vain to campaign in the Jinja area. The Uganda military shot through his windshield hoping to shoot either him or his driver, and also shot the tires of his vehicle with live bullets.


Wine is shown above with his cellphone standing next to a gaping hole in the windshield, that was left by military gunfire. Wine, to the dismay of Uganda's current dictator of 35 years, is well-loved across the country while dictator Museveni is treated as a damnation of a memory (damnatio memoriae).


"I am telling you, all the citizens of the world," Wine said, "that Museveni wants to murder me, as soon as possible." Wine continued, as he spoke to the commander in the area, Eliga Dauda, "I must tell you, Museveni, you can't kill all of will end up like all dictators end up."


Wine also admonished Eliga Dauda, "You are supposed to serve and protect, but you are doing criminality." Bobi Wine's friend Dan Magic, and the state-issued bodyguard, Afande Kato, were badly injured by Uganda's military the UPDF.


Uganda has perhaps one the world's most unprofessional soldiers, who shoot the citizenry in broad daylight, at will, like what happened two weeks ago. Wine also said that on November 30, 2020, five people were killed by police, who also ran over one of his childhood friend, in a pickup truck. These killings have not been condemned by the state, which motivates Museveni's soldiers to kill more.


Security Minister Elly Tumwiine said that police have the right to shoot Ugandan protesters dead, according to the BBC. This current regime certainly makes the late Iddi Amin look like a choir boy, because Amin's police and soldiers were the most disciplined security operatives Uganda has ever known.


 The campaign was supposed to be in Kayunga, Jinja and Kamuli, but because the death toll was rising, Bobi Wine had to halt his campaign. Kyagulanyi believes that he will win the election, and allow native Ugandans to experience democracy for the first time since independence. Currently, Bobi Wine is the most feared person by Museveni.



Today December 2, 2020, Bobi Wine presented to the Electoral Commission evidence of misconduct by the state, that has repeatedly interfered with Wine's campaign. He also held a press conference with the media in regard to the events that unfolded yesterday and today.


Covering the campaign trail live, are the following media outlets:

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