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Part III: Conflicting forces-incubus and succubus night  attacks


 by Joseph Earnest  May 29, 2012


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasAccording to the Catholic Encyclopedia, bilocation or replication is that state of being in two different locations instantly. (pop-up)


How such a phenomenon is possible, defies the laws of physics, yet the Discovery Channel's blog attempts to explain the phenomenon using quantum physics:

"Quantum theory dictates that a very tiny thing can absorb energy only in discrete amounts, can never sit perfectly still, and can literally be in two places at once… Physicists still haven't achieved a two-places-at-once state with a tiny object like this one. But now that they have reached this simplest state of quantum motion, it seems a whole lot more obtainable." (pop-up)


Earlier, I distinguished the difference between bilocation and teleportation which is traveling outside one's body to another location.  Sometimes it is referred to as astral projection and is almost similar to the Star Gate Project where subjects used paranormal abilities to travel to locations they had never visited.


In regard to incubus attacks, some people have reported experiencing sexual arousal during sleep, and women have actually reported achieving a climax.  An incubus is originally defined as a male demonic being that has the ability to have intercourse with women.  A succubus, is a female demonic entity that has the ability to have intercourse with men, the purpose of which is to gather the man's seed, and this same demonic entity converts itself into a male demon, and deposits the seed into a female human being.  An article written by Psychology Today explains the phenomenon here. (pop-up)


The very first occurrence of demonic beings having intercourse with women is chronicled in scripture, where the result of fallen angels engaging in this practice produced a hybrid race of giants. Archeologists have confirmed that this biblical race once roamed the earth and have excavated the skeletons as shown below:


One of the many excavations of remains of a giant race that once roamed the earth

and was destroyed by a great flood or an ice age


We can all agree that there are forces of good, and forces of evil on this planet.

There is a thesis (good) and antithesis (evil), whichever one you embrace, will become the dominant force in your life.  By embrace I mean, whichever of the two you allow to consume or occupy your mind, will manifest itself through your will. Nothing can happen in the invisible realm against a human being's will.  Not even God himself can violate the will of a human.  Therefore, the will becomes the synthesis.  It neutralizes the conflict between good and evil. One has to open the door to evil, for it to be activated.  Likewise, one has to open the door to good, for it to manifest itself through acts of kindness, justice, compassion, love and so forth.


The will, soul, spirit, conscience and heart

The will is what enables us to choose our destiny, whether it is right or wrong. 

The soul enables us to exercise our will.  It expresses itself in the physical body through our personality.  The spirit is the gut feeling, or our intuition, or knowledge that is independent of reasoning.  The conscience is connected to the spirit and it is what makes us aware of right or wrong and is not influenced by knowledge stored in the mind; it is rather a spontaneous direct judgment. A judge who deliberately ignores an injustice and rules in favor of the wrongdoer, does so against the conscience, which causes an unending restlessness within both the judge, and the wrongdoer. The judge is restless because that judge knew the right thing to do, but chose to do wrong.  The wrongdoer is restless because the wrongdoer knows the judgment was undeserved and unjust. The invisible hand at play is the conscience bringing conviction to both parties. The heart is that part of us through which emotions are expressed, like joy, fear, love, sympathy and so forth.


Will to power

The most powerful of all the five aspects (will, soul, spirit, conscience and heart) is the will.  I mention this because it would be useless for me to spend time researching and writing such an article, without giving a solution to the conflicts herein.  Remember, nothing is permitted in your life or your reality from the invisible realm unless your allow (will) it to happen.


In the physical realm people can violate your will, but they can never break it.  They may assault your spirit, but they can never destroy it.  They may torment your soul, but they can never extinguish it.  They may wound your conscience, but they can never silence it.  They may break your heart, but Time will heal it.


Practical solutions to night terrors/sleep paralysis/abductions:

(i) For a person approaching this problem from a psychological angle, the best way to stop incubus attacks in to stop sleeping on your back.


(ii) Others may view this as a spiritual problem, especially if they have been part of the occult and involved in Luciferian or satanic worship.  The spiritual solution that research reveals works 100 percent of the time, is to burn all your satanic books and items, and renounce him. If tormented in an attack, or some have even called it an attempted abduction, the three magic words are: "Jesus help me!"  The attacks will stop instantly, according to my research and the subjects I've interviewed.  Remember, you won't be able to speak, so you have to say them in your mind.


(iii) One may not believe in psychological or spiritual answers, and may want a solution that is neutral but practical.  The answer to this approach is to guard your will. Nothing in the invisible realm can violate it.  If you are spending nights watching horror movies, reading about UFOs, visiting psychics and palm readers, you are opening a door to these night terror attacks.  Stop all those habits at the gate, through the power of your will.           Add Comments>>


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