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Part I: Conflicting forces and their connection to the paranormal


 by Joseph Earnest  May 29, 2012


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasThe deception that we are experiencing as a society is not only profound, but is carefully orchestrated to produce conflicting views among us. Since the word conflict has been mentioned, it would be appropriate for me to explain how it synthesized, which I will do here at the beginning of this article.


Creating conflicting views

Behavioral Scientist Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel made a remarkable observation in this area.  In studying classical antiquity, Hegel observed that one philosopher would take a position that another philosopher would then negate; then a third philosopher would develop a view that was intermediate between the two opposing views.


Hegel then perfected this line of thought by developing what is referred to as the Hegelian Dialectic.  Hegel's version of the dialectic process involved a thesis (one point of view), an antithesis (the opposite point of view), and a synthesis (a compromise between the thesis and antithesis). When a cycle is completed, the previous synthesis becomes the thesis for the next cycle, and the process repeats itself continually.


In other words, most of the conflict we experience openly is by design, whether it is orchestrated in the physical realm or the unseen realm. It is also meant to be continuousthat's why when you have a group like the Tea Party (thesis), another group called Occupy Wall Street is created (antithesis), which gives the government the license to intervene (synthesis) in order to create a view that may appear acceptable to both opposing views.


Don't bump me too hard!

This has more to do with human psychology than anything else.  Psychology in a nut shell is defined as the study, prediction and control of human behavior.  Below is an extremely graphic video, that was part of a BBC documentary, that I will use to illustrate my point.        GRAPHIC VIDEO: NOT FOR THE WEAK-HEARTED

Video courtesy the BBC

 The girls shown in this video were not under the influence of drugs or alcohol.  They

simply were overcome by a supernatural or paranormal force to act violently and to

withstand acts of  violence. They are what we refer to as "super humans".


The video is about two Swedish girls who are twins, but have multiple personalities. In the video above, both girls survived after being bumped, and one who was released within 24 hours of the incident went on to stab a man, who bled to death.  The second sister who was ran over and smashed by a trailer truck recovered in just ninety (90) days, and now lives in California.  Interestingly enough the girls both had supernatural strength, that it took about six grown men to hold down one of the girls.  I'm sure if that has happened in America, the cops would have tased her or put her in choke-hold to make her stay put.


The judge who presided over the murder trial involving the girl who was accused of stabbing a man was conflicted while deciding the sentencing.  It was revealed that the girl had multiple personalities and the one who ran into traffic and assaulted the cops, then killed a man (thesis), was a different personality from the girl who was calm and standing before the judge (antithesis).  Both personalities were contained in the same person. The judge's decision would then be the synthesis.

                               Find out what the judge's decision was in PART II >>


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