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2012 election


All the fuss about Romney closing the gap on women's vote

womens vote


by Joseph Earnest  October 26, 2012  


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—Virtually every media outlet is pretending to be surprised that Romney has closed the gap on the women's vote from a 16-point deficit to leveling the numbers with Obama.  The current polls show both candidates tied at 47-47 percentage points, as pundits and media analysts try to explain the dynamics behind the poll shift.


The explanation is simple—Mitt Romney was never behind by 16 points and media outlets are now trying to hold on to credibility by finally releasing these new poll numbers because their internal polls all along, showed something different.  If they now have the numbers tied, it wouldn't be surprising that Romney is actually ahead. There can be no other explanation as to why Romney started leading only two weeks ago, other than the fact that the media realizes how foolish they will look once the voters prove their numbers false on election day.


Poll manipulation happens when one party is oversampled to make the that party's numbers look attractive.  This NBC poll on page two (2) shows an oversampling of Democrats in September by almost 10 percentage points. (pop-up)


An interesting video by bestselling author and political analyst Dick Morris shows how a false perception of Romney that was painted by Obama before the debates, may also be a factor in this poll shift, after voters realized Romney wasn't the monster he was portrayed to be in the ads. Dick Morris also explains the similarities between Obama vs. Romney in 2012 and Carter vs. Reagan in 1980. (pop-up)

The comments are particularly interesting below the video, since they show what the non-media practitioners make of all this.        Add Comments>>









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