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White House admits that GOP may sweep House in November elections


by Joseph Ernest July 12, 2010


robert gibb  

 NewscastMedia --  White House spokesman Robert Gibbs admitted that they could lose the House of Representative to the Republicans due to voters' frustration about the economy.

Mr. Gibbs told NBC's Meet the Press, "There is no doubt there are enough seats at play that could cause Republicans to gain control, there is no doubt about that."

Should a shift like that occur, it would be difficult for Barack Obama to push through his agenda.  Dick Morris takes it a step further.  He contends that the GOP will win both the House and the Senate.  Writing for the Hill Dick Morris said, "When Republicans are winning issues like education, healthcare and Social Security normally solidly Democratic issues a sweep of unimaginable proportions is in the offing."

If Dick Morris is right, then we will be seeing a repeat of what happened during the Clinton administration in 1994 when the Republicans swept both the House and the Senate to the surprise of the nation.  With the Tea Party movement energized, there is no telling what could happen come November.

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