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Wendy Davis falls short--outraised by Greg Abbott in bid for Texas governor

   (L-R Barack Obama, Wendy Davis and Greg Abbott)


by Joseph Earnest  January 17, 2014


Newscast Media AUSTIN, Texas—As Texas Governor Rick Perry winds up his final year as the longest-serving  governor in the history of Texas, the Democrats, led by Barack Obama are attempting to turn Texas from a Conservative to a liberal state.

None other than Wendy Davis was selected by the Democrats to attempt what seems impossible.


The Republicans, on the other hand, will be running Attorney General Greg Abbott to replace Rick Perry, as many speculate that Perry will run for president in 2016.


Davis,  a relatively unknown politician, first made a name for herself when she failed to stop the abortion bill from passing in Texas last year. It was then that she caught the attention of Democrats who decided to run her against the Conservative candidate, Greg Abbott.


Yet the credibility of Davis is being questioned ever since she released her fundraising numbers for the months of July 1December 31, 2013. In a tweet she implied that she had outraised veteran politician Abbott, misleading voters, yet in reality she fell short of the $10 million target by raising $8.7 million.  Below is her tweet:



What Davis did was use fuzzy math and slapped on an additional $3.5 million that Obama's Battleground Texas extended to her, bringing the total to $12.2 million.

Abbott on the other hand exceeded the target and raised by himself $11.5 million, so using the same formula Davis used, if you add an additional $1.8 million from the Republican Party of Texas, Abbott's final figure is $13.3 million as shown below:



By manipulating the numbers, Obama and Davis are playing a game that voters can see through, and this could work against them because voters may feel that she might also give them fuzzy numbers in regard to issues like the state's employment numbers, the number of jobs created and budget-related numbers, if elected.


Republicans control all state-wide offices, so it will be interesting to see what strategy Obama intends to use since the majority of counties in Texas voted Republican in the 2012 election with the exception of a few here and there:

counties of texas

County-by-county breakdown of 2012 electoral map


The map above shows the challenge Democrats face.  How Obama retained the presidency in 2012 with only a few blue spots is still a mystery.  The Democrats lost in states that have voter ID laws, Texas being one of them.  Add Comments>>











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