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Highlights of H-E-B annual Thanksgiving parade in Houston

The annual H-E-B Thanksgiving parade takes place every Thanksgiving morning in Houston.

—Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest November 26, 2014   


Newscast Media HOUSTON—On Thanksgiving day, we are thankful for our good fortune, and simple pleasures in life that we take for granted. We also use the bad events in our lives as lessons from which to learn. Such events refine and make us sharper, but also mold us into more compassionate human beings.


Americans will be celebrating this Thursday across the nation with the traditional turkey meal as they join friends and loved ones they usually see one or twice a year during the holiday season, together with those they see on a regular basis.


This year's Thanksgiving parade is once again sponsored by H-E-B, one of the largest grocery store chains, with live performances from local Houstonians. Below are some of the highlights of the events that took place at the special parade in downtown Houston.    


The Borden brand is famous for its dairy products. The company rode on the Little Red Express in downtown Houston to celebrate Thanksgiving.—Photo by Joseph Earnest



heb thanksgiving parade

A Thanksgiving parade is not a Thanksgiving parade without cheerleaders.—Photo by Joseph Earnest


thanksgiving parade heb

Area school marching bands serenaded the crowd with live music. —Photo by Joseph Earnest



heb thanksgiving parade

More marching bands.—Photo by Joseph Earnest


sunny 99.1

SUNNY 99.1 FM is known for its soft rock. Their float was prominent at the parade.

—Photo by Joseph Earnest


heb thanksgiving parade

 The Sheriff's department on horseback riding.—Photo by Joseph Earnest


heb annual thanksgiving parade

The bellydancing troupe strutting their stuff.—Photo by Joseph Earnest



heb thanksgiving parade

Even members of the Masonic Lodge attended the parade.—Photo by Joseph Earnest


heb thanksgiving parade

Members of the local Asian community marching.—Photo by Joseph Earnest



thanksgiving parade

The crowd on cloud nine.—Photo by Joseph Earnest



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