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Calmness in Syria is being restored says Iran's Foreign Minister


by Joseph Earnest  July 25, 2012                   


Newscast Media TEHRAN, Iran — Iranian Foreign Minister Ali Akbar Salehi said on Monday that Syria is heading for tranquility as the army is gradually suppressing the armed insurgent groups.

"Enemies imagined that they can create a vacuum in the management of the country by explosions in Damascus but the enemies of the Syrian nation have been defeated… and the army is gradually finding supremacy over the armed opposition," Salehi told reporters after a cabinet meeting.

The foreign minister presented an assessment of the situation in Syria in which groups with divergent and opposite views are pursuing: One is public legitimate demand that Iran has announced should be met and the second one is a strategy which has resorted to violence with the support of the West and certain regional countries and because their purpose is to break out civil war and topple the government. 

He again repeated that Iran is ready to mediate between opposition groups and the Syrian government, saying, "Since a year go we have been in contact with the Syrian opposition groups." 

However, he said the Syrian opposition is a combination of different groups with different purposes. He added, "We believe that the opposition groups should reach a compromise with the Syrian government to get out of this situation even though Syria is heading toward calm."         Add Comments>>                               


Source: Tehran Times






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