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Subverted election? 2012 electoral college map breakdown county by county

electoral college

The 2012 electoral college map breakdown county by county indicates an epic Romney landslide. However, as explained by a NASA scientist and computer programmer, it is the software written by the programmer that determines who becomes president.  Not the voter.


by Joseph Earnest  November 12, 2012


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.—Ignorance is deadly. American voters and pundits are finally waking up to the fact that something doesn't seem right about the results of the 2012 presidential election.  Initially pundits explained that minorities voted in droves, but the math just did not add up.  None of them talked about voter fraud, even though voters were openly admitting that they gamed the system, and major newspapers had documented incidents of fraud and voting irregularities.


Just by looking at the exit poll results in the map above, voters wonder how the obvious is not apparent to election officials, yet the Spanish company responsible for tallying American votes, declared results that many have begun to question.  For example, Colorado counties have more voters than people. (pop-up)


Now the first politician to flat-out challenge the voting results is Allen West, a Tea Party candidate, who filed a complaint against his Democratic opponent Patrick Murphy, demanding a recount, because when he was winning, the voting machines had a glitch, then all of a sudden, showed his opponent ahead of him. (pop-up)


These voting inconsistencies are not unusual, as was evident in both the 2008 primaries and the general.  After receiving accounts of illegality and egregious action by the Obama camp, then Senator Hillary Clinton sent out this memo to all her voters addressing the disturbing activity taking place in 2008. (pop-up)


Sarah Palin and McCain factor

sarah palin

Gov. Sarah Palin played a major role in energizing the GOP base in 2008.

- Photo by Joseph Earnest


Allegations of voter fraud continued to dog the Obama presidency after the election when it was revealed in emails obtained by WikiLeaks from the Texas security company Stratfor, claiming McCain and his campaign had evidence that the 2008 election had been stolen from him, but McCain chose not to pursue voter fraud, according to internal Stratfor emails published by WikiLeaks.

Stratfor vice president of intelligence Fred Burton wrote: 

1) The black Dems were caught stuffing the ballot boxes in Philly and Ohio as reported the night of the election and Sen. McCain chose not to fight. The matter is not dead inside the party. It now becomes a matter of sequence now as to how and when to "out", according to these two WikiLeaks-exposed emails. (pop-up)

Below is a video of testimony by computer programmer Eugene Curtis who testified under oath, that he was approached and commissioned by politicians to write software that can rig an election. What his software does is flip the vote.  For example if a Republican is winning by 51 percent to 49 percent for a Democrat, his software can flip the vote to read 51 percent for Democrats to 49 percent Republicans, and nobody would ever detect it. Watch:

Computer Programmer Eugene Curtis testifies under oath that he created software for politicians, that enables them to rig votes through vote-switching. "Could we fix an election?  Sure, they (the voters) would never know it," he said. He explains why exit polls like the map above can show one candidate winning, while the software has the opposite results.


Which brings us to the 2012 election. Nine months ago, popular radio host Michael Savage who has an average of 10 million listeners, told his audience that the 2012 presidential election had been fixed, and team Obama was the culprit. He went on in detail to explain that a Spanish company by the name of Scytl, had acquired the US software maker SOE, that specializes in voting software and announcing election results. Research shows Savage is right about the acquisition deal. (pop-up)


The Liberal machine however, has disinformation agents spreading lies that Romney's sons own the voting machines, but this is a tactic the left is using to cover the voter fraud.  Savage, who is an excellent researcher reveals it is George Soros, who has a large ownership stake in Scytl the Spanish company that counts votes. (pop-up)

FOX News followed up with a show, backing Michael Savage's claims that indeed George Soros is heavily invested in Scytl as shown below:



As journalist, one has to investigate all claims then present the facts and evidence to the readers, then let them make their own decision based on what's before them.

For FOX News and Savage to be correct, we have to tie Scytl to the Obama camp through donations.


Here is a summary of our findings that you may read or download. (pop-up)


According to our research, as shown in the file above, Scytl is a company in Spain that owns SOE a software company that counts American votes on election night. Over 900 jurisdictions in 26 states across the United States, including 14 state-wide customers, currently use SOE Software solutions in their electoral processes.  

The CEO of Scytl is Pere Valles who worked as Senior Manager for KPMG's Mergers & Acquisitions group in Los Angeles and Miami providing financial and strategic consulting services to private equity groups and corporations involved in acquisitions in the United States, Latin America and Europe.

KPMG, from where Mr. Valles migrated to Scytl, is linked to Obama in terms of donations and has given over $100,000 to team Obama. (pop-up)

Scytl also lists Balderton Capital as one of its investors. Balderton Capital is an affiliate of Benchmark Capital. (pop-up)


In order for one to have a link that connects Scytl to Obama, one has to connect Benchmark, the parent company of Balderton, directly to the Obama campaign.  Once that is done, because Benchmark is actually Balderton and it is listed as an investor in the company responsible for counting votes on election night, then one can conclude that voters who doubt the integrity of the voting company whose investors donate money to Obama, are justified in questioning the accuracy of the results.


OpenSecrets.Org has documented the donations given by Benchmark, that is owned by Balderton, to the Obama campaign here. (pop-up)


A grassroots movement of mainly programmers, bloggers, mathematicians, researchers and investigative journalists is on the rise and many have now awakened to the fact that if this fraud is not corrected, it will repeat itself in the 2014 mid-terms and the 2016 general.       Add Comments>>


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