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Egyptian officials disband two discovered Israeli-US spy cells



by Joseph Earnest  April 10, 2012

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C. A senior Egyptian security official announced that the country has discovered and disbanded two spy cells trying to collect intelligence about the country's conditions, Fars News Agency reported.

Kuwait's Arabic daily, Aljarida, quoted Head of the Egyptian National Security Apparatus General Majdi Abd Al-Ghaffar as saying that his forces have discovered two spy cells operating in Egypt and arrested its members this afternoon.

He announced that the spy cells included 4 Americans, one ‘Israeli’, one Moroccan and a Norwegian, and added that the detainees have been handed over to the relevant authorities for further investigations.

According to Fars, Abd al-Ghaffar said the spy cells were trying to collect information about the latest developments in the country.

Post-revolution Egypt is scheduled to hold presidential elections next month.

Late in February, a trial which shook up Egypt's 30-year alliance with the US began in Cairo when a court was told 16 American workers with non-governmental organizations were CIA spies.

Forty-three foreign and Egyptian workers from NGOs - including the son of the US Transport Secretary - were accused of receiving illegal funds from abroad, carrying out political activities unrelated to their civil society work.

The case underscored tension between the US and the generals who took power when President Hosni Mubarak was overthrown. Washington has said annual military aid to Egypt, worth $1.3bn, is under threat due to the trial of the American spies.

Judge Mahmud Mohamed Shukry said the trial would resume on 26 April and the defendants could stay out of jail until the next hearing.  Add Comments>>

Source: Al Manar news





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