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Battle formation unfolds between Egypt and Israel in Sinai

morsi and netanyahu 

by Joseph Earnest  August 20, 2012                   


Newscast Media CAIRO, Egypt—In an offensive move against rogue militants, for the first time since 1973, Egypt is preparing to send aircrafts and tanks to the Sinai Peninsula, while Israel has also announced it will deploy an air defense system near the Egyptian border.  The move is in response to the August 5, attack in which 16 Egyptian border agents were killed.


The situation in which Egypt's President Mohammed Morsi finds himself,  is analyzed by Middle Eastern journalist Abdel Rahman Youssef of Al Akhbar news:


"Whatever view he [Mursi] takes of the incident, and however he responds to it and its perceived perpetrators, Mursi risks setting himself at odds either with the Islamist movements and some of the country's revolutionary forces, or with the military. Similarly, he stands to discredit either himself, by appearing ineffectual, or the Islamists as a whole, by allowing them to be depicted as a scourge and a source of disturbances in the country.


"Mursi would find himself in an extremely awkward position vis-a-vis the Islamists if he were succumb to such pressure to blame Palestinian groups for the incident, and acquiesce to a response that effectively reinstates the blockade of the Gaza Strip – something he and his group have long and vociferously opposed.


"This could amount to a first attempt to put Mursi at loggerheads with the Islamist movement which propelled him to office, with the aim of "burning" him. He would be depicted as two-faced, backing down to the ruling establishment and the enemies of the resistance, letting down fellow Arabs and Muslims, and indecision and ineffectiveness over Gaza and in general. If, however, Mursi were to adopt the other view, that the Israelis were involved in the attack, he would also find himself in a bind, as he would be bound to respond against Israel and its accomplices to punish those responsible for killing the soldiers.

"This would not be easy to do, given Mursi's declared commitment to respecting all international treaties, including the Camp David agreement which ties Egypt's hands in the Sinai peninsula, especially in Area "C" adjacent to the border," Youssef concluded.     Add Comments>>










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