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In 2008 Shia LaBeoulf warned America about FBI listening to calls


by Joseph Earnest June 12, 2013


Newscast Media LOS ANGELESAs he was promoting his movie Eagle Eye in 2008 on Jay Leno, actor Shia LaBeouf, was the first whistleblower to notify a public audience that the FBI was listening and recording phone calls made by Americans. He got this information from an FBI consultant for the movie he was working on at the time, which interestingly enough was about a mysterious individual listening in on phone calls.


"He told me that one in five phone calls that you make are recorded and logged, and I laughed at him and then he played back a phone conversation I'd had two years prior," Shia told Jay Leno.

This is very powerful information, and one can only imagine how nervous corrupt public officials must be, knowing they too are targets.  This includes those working in city, state, and federal government positions, since they are considered trustees of the people.  Below is the Jay Leno interview:

Shia LaBeouf 2008 interview: One in five phone calls are recorded




Eagle Eye Trailer - 2008

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