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Clinton still plans to step down as Secretary of State in 2013

hillary clinton


by Joseph Earnest  November 8, 2012  


Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C.After having served as Secretary of State for the past four years, Hillary Clinton doesn't seem to have changed her mind about stepping down from the position. Clinton plans to ensure a smooth transition, US official said Wednesday.

"I don't think the secretary's plans have changed," State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said.

"You've heard her say many times that she intends to see through a transition of a successor and then she will go back to private life and enjoy some rest, and think and write and all those things."   

Nuland declined to spell out what the current administration plans to accomplish for the next four years and said that is up to Barack Obama.

"We just had an election last night. There are people who were up a lot of the night counting and enjoying it. So I'm not going to stand here and make any big predictions on the second term," she told journalists.

One of the names being floated around about Clinton's possible replacement is Senator John Kerry.

There is also speculation that the 65-year-old former first lady could possibly run for president in 2016, but Clinton has publicly denied she harbors such ambitions. 

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