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Saudis fall into 'war trap' like many sub-Saharan countries



by Joseph Earnest April 16, 2015


Newscast Media CAIROThe commander of the Egyptian forces in the Gulf war, Major General Mohammad Ali Bilal, said that his troops will fight outside Egypt except in case of defending its national security, in an indirect response to the claims that Cairo would join a possible ground invasion in Yemen, Lebanon's Al Manar TV News reported.  

The Egyptian commander noted that the geographical features of Yemen and the nature of the Yemeni makes any foreign intervention impossible.

According to Al Manar News, Bilal wondered about the role that the US military is playing in Yemen as it was reported that the American troops saved two Saudi pilots in Aden on the second day of the Saudi aggression, hinting at the US role in entrapping Saudi in the war. He also stressed that although the Egyptian official stance is not publicly announced, it supports the political solution in Yemen and Syria.


The Egyptians have watched their sub-Saharan African counterparts entrapped in wars like the one in Somalia, which on its face seems as if it is a war on terror, but in reality, it is the only way some African leaders can stay relevant to their Western foreign masters, whose bidding they do, at the expense of blood-sacrifices of their fellow citizens, in form of never-ending wars.


The seemingly perpetual state of war in the Horn of Africa and Central Africa is a big money-making scheme for a clever African leader with mastery in the art of manipulating his foreign masters into sending "foreign aid" in order to fight an alleged war on terror.


Africans have studied Europeans and Americans and have discovered that their greatest weakness is being emotional givers, which makes them easy prey, since it is impossible to think logically while being driven by emotions at the same time.


Despite their alleged perception of themselves as being "intellectually advanced," the countries of European descent have been outsmarted by the clever African politician who has been able, for decades, to extract billions of dollars, pounds and euros from them. All the African has to do is send a handfull or low-ranking recruits to the battlefield, and bill his European or American master for fighting a war on terror.


Remember, Bill Clinton failed to defeat the Somalians, and images of American soldiers being dragged in the streets still haunt Washington and Number 10, prompting them to readily open their purses out of fear that what happened to Clinton could repeat itself.


Should Saudi Arabia fall into the Yemen trap, it should expect to battle groups like Hezbollah, and Iranian fighters, who have a geopolitical stake in Yemen.  

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