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Russia concerned about Saudis still arming Syrian rebels

syrian troops


by Joseph Earnest  February 25, 2014


Newscast Media MOSCOW—Russia expressed deep concern over news circulated in media about Saudi Arabia's intention to buy anti-aircraft missiles for "the Syrian armed opposition."

"Reports published on mass media, based on Gulfnews.com website, on the intention of Saudi Arabia to buy Pakistani-made anti-aircraft missiles and anti-tanks to supply them to the armed Syrian opposition, positioned in Jordan, stir big concerns," Russian Foreign Ministry said In a statement.

The Ministry added that this bargain would change the balance of power in favor of "the fighters" during "the Spring's attack on Damascus by the armed militias from the southern front", according to its description, adding that if these weapons find their way into the extremists' hands, who are existing in Syria in Large numbers, they can be used outside this Middle East country.

It pointed out that the news of using Jordanian lands to pass the weapons to "armed militias" and train terrorists in camps before opening the southern front against the Syrian regular army, also stir concerns.

The statement referred to an article published on the Middle East newspaper saying that the coalition's representative in Washington Najeb Ghadban had said " the fighters were trained by CIA experts in camps on the Jordanian territories."

It concluded by affirming that the crisis in Syria wouldn't be solved through force, calling on those who support the armed opposition to reconsider their stance and give the Syrians a chance to stop violence in the country through Geneva conference.                                   Add Comments>>


  Source: SANA










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