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Saudi princess speaks out against aspects of the Saudi kingdom



      Princess Basma Bint Saud Bin Abdulaziz, niece of King Abdullah


by Joseph Earnest  April 12, 2012

 Newscast Media LONDON, England The outspoken princess and critic of the House of Saud, in an interview with the BBC, called for her country to implement a new constitution giving men and women equal rights in kingdom. Princess Basma is the daughter of  Saudi Arabia's former King Saud.  

She lists five key changes she would like to see - to the constitution, divorce laws, education system, social services and the roll of the mahram (chaperone).

Princess Basma, who currently resides in West London, told the BBC: "Our ancient culture, of which I am very proud, is renowned for its nobility and generosity, but we lack, and urgently need, fundamental civil laws with which to govern our society."

In regard to women's rights she said, "We need independent women's refuges where the rights of women are upheld and backed up by powerful laws that can override family traditions and protect women." Below is the interview in part:

Audio courtesy BBC Outlook


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Source: BBC Outlook







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