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Rory Reid refuses to use his  father Harry Reid's last name  as he runs for governor of Nevada

Joseph Ernest June 24, 2010

Newscast Media -- With the increasing  unpopularity of his father, Rory Reid refuses to mention anything about his connection  to his father Harry Reid, the Majority  Leader of the US. Senate.  Rory, as he now refers to himself, is running for governor of Nevada and doesn't want to jeopardize any chance he has of winning, by mentioning he is his father's son.


Harry Reid himself is facing a tough battle against Sharron Angle who recently painted him as a Washington insider in her first Online ad.


Rory's campaign Web site has removed anything that might tie him to the Majority Leader, who has now become a huge liability, and hopes Nevadans don't base their vote on the shortcomings of his father, so for now he will simply refer to himself as Rory.

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