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Santorum drops out-Romney secures 2012 GOP nomination



by Joseph Earnest  April 10, 2012

Newscast Media WASHINGTON, D.C. Almost two years ago, this journalist predicted based on the video clips that I had been studying, that the media had anointed Mitt Romney as the GOP nominee.  I didn't just write an article about, I posted the video of practically every major media practitioner rooting for Romney and going as far as predicting he would be the 2012 GOP nominee.


Today Rick Santorum announced that he has suspended his campaign, rendering Romney the runaway train that I predicted on February 1 here (pop-up).


Below is the video I posted in 2010 on Youtube that predicts Romney being the GOP nominee and going as far as stating he has the embodiment of a president.

 Watch below:



Media anoints Mitt Romney GOP nominee  


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