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Gay community celebrates the death of Rick Warren's son

rick warren


by Joseph Earnest April 7, 2013  

Newscast Media SAN JOSEOn April 6, megachurch Pastor Rick Warren announced to the world that his son Matthew had committed suicide, as a result of depression that had plagued him since his youth. The announcement was made in a statement that was delivered to his Saddleback church in southern California.  Yet as the Warren family grieves the loss of their son, some are actually celebrating  the death because they disliked Pastor Warren.  Below is the message Rick Warren sent to his church:

rick warren

 There is no evidence that Matthew Warren was gay, yet the gay community is jumping to conclusions as it displays repugnant tendencies on social media.  The comments below speak for themselves, and show how uncivil these commentors are:

rick warren

rick warren

rick warren

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