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Mubarak's health deteriorates since being admitted to Torah prison


by Joseph Earnest  June 5, 2012


Newscast Media CAIRO Egypt ex-president Hosni Mubarak's health conditions deteriorated severely on his fourth day in the Torah prison, state media reported on Tuesday.

Mubarak, 84, is suffering a health problem which has been accumulating since he was admitted to the prison on Saturday after the court announced the verdicts.

Mubarak's wife Suzanne visited Mubarak on Monday for the first time since he was moved here. She was accompanied by her daughters- in-law Heidi Rasekh and Khadiga el-Gammal and her son's father-in- law Mahmoud el-Gammal.

Mubarak told his wife "They brought me here to kill me," according to Al Masry Al Youm. The former president had stayed in a military hospital on the outskirts of Cairo before the final verdict over the weekend.

Mubarak's wife cried and completely suffered a breakdown upon seeing her husband in the Tora prison, which frustrated Mubarak very much and made him refuse to eat the whole day, according to state news agency MENA.

The Cairo Criminal Court last Saturday sentenced Mubarak and former interior minister Habib Adli to life in jail over the charges of complicity in killing protestors. His two sons and six former police officers were acquitted.

The ex-president then was directly moved to the Tora Prison by a helicopter in line with a decision by the top prosecutor after the verdict. Mubarak was shocked and refused to leave the plane. He, who suffered health problems, even cried, local media reported. After more than two hours of negotiations, he agreed to enter the prison in southern Cairo.

On Sunday, the ex-leader wore a blue suit for convicted prisoners. Prison officials took a photo of him and gave him a prison number like any inmate.

Mubarak demanded two doctors from the International Medical Center where he had been detained before the verdicts accompany him in the Tora prison's hospital, but was refused by prison authorities, according to MENA.

Gamal and Alaa submitted an application to be all in one prison with their father under the article of "reunion" of the prisons' law. Gamal's demand was approved but Alaa's has not been determined yet.    Add Comments>>


Source: Xinhua





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