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US vs. China: The battle for supremacy over the world's economy is on

joe biden by joseph earnest

U.S Vice President Joe Biden strikes a pose. —Photo by Joseph Earnest


by Joseph Earnest  December 4, 2013


Newscast Media BEIJING—China has spread its tentacles into Africa.  The U.S. is extremely nervous...and rightfully so.  U.S. Vice President Joe Biden is currently in China trying to slow the Chinese down.  Yet Africans have openly embraced the Chinese due to their "hands off" approach on Africa's domestic affairs.


The no-strings-attached loans being extended to the Continent by their newly-found Asian friends are a lot more appealing than the U.S. dollars that the West dangles like a carrot in the face of Africans, with pre-conditions attached.


Africa is rising. The economies are booming.  Even the native African doomsday sayers who are paid to paint a negative picture about the Motherland have run out of dismal articles to write about the Continent, because the transformation is self-evident.


A new kind of renaissance is happening all over Africa. Construction, mining, agro business, the fishery industries, textiles and other raw materials are responsible for turning the tide in favor of Africans.  


America has been slow to invest in Africa.  Very little imports enter the U.S. from Africa, even though Africa is the richest piece of real estate on the planet.  The Chinese recognize in Africa what America pretends doesn't exist.


Uhuru Kenyatta just signed a $13.8 billion contract with the Chinese to undertake

a railway project that will boost trade in East Africa. (pop-up)


This happened while America blinked.


Not long ago, Uganda signed a $350 million contract with the Chinese to build a superhighway...the Kampala-Entebbe project.  Once again, America blinked.

The Chinese were quick to produce a 3D simulation of the project. Check it:

 Meanwhile, Uganda's state-owned paper announced that yet again the Chinese won another $1.5 billion contract to contract Karuma hydro-electric dam. (pop-up)


 Yet again, America blinked.


We're not done yet.  Up in the horn of Africa, Ethiopia is constructing what will be the largest dam in Africa upon completion--the controversial Great Renaissance Dam. The Chinese have already chipped in by extending $1 billion to Ethiopia. (pop-up)


There are many, many projects like these happening across the Continent, and what the Africans find appealing about China, is that the Chinese don't force Africans to become homosexuals or accept that kind of lifestyle before receiving financial aid.


At this point, China is a runaway train.  The world is ruled by families, or bloodlines, if you will.  China has thrown a monkey wrench into the whole game plan and the ruling elite are just unprepared for the way China has strengthened its ties with the richest Continent in the world in terms of manpower and resources. Whoever controls commerce, control the world.


Egypt once controlled commerce and it controlled the world un Ramesses II.  Rome once controlled the commerce under Augustus Caeser, and it ruled the world for several hundred years.  The British controlled commerce at one point and declared some of the richest piece of real estate "British Protectorates" and members of the "Commonwealth" covering 21% of the earth's total land mass.


America rose over a century ago and became the world's most dominant economy under the might dollar that is the blueprint for commerce globally.


Enter China.  The giant from the Orient has now decided to check-mate America and the West, while they were busy launching unnecessary wars.

"The world is undergoing complicated changes," Chinese President Xi Jinping said, as he met Vice President Biden for talks today.

"China and the United States, as two major economies and permanent members of the United Nations Security Council, share important obligations to maintain world peace and stability and promote development," said the Chinese president as reported by Xinhua the state-owned media outlet. (pop-up)

Biden knows exactly what China's Xi meant when he evoked the words "two major economies" and "promote development". This was in reference to the Third World that has seen stagnation due to outside interference, therefore China has embarked on "promoting development" on the Continent via infrastructure and energy projects.

Make no mistake, the battle for supremacy over the world's economy between the West (America) and the East (China) is on, and if America blinks again, China just might extend its long tentacles into America's very own backyard...Latin America. 

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