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Putin's revenge-The game is on with Russian boots in Crimea

russian troops


by Joseph Earnest  February 28, 2014


Newscast Media MOSCOW—While the West was obsessed and making noise about homosexual rights, Russia was creeping into Crimea, and took control of two airports. Its special forces with unmarked uniforms entered the Crimean parliament as it was still in session, and overnight, the Russians had infiltrated and occupied Crimea.


Almost 97 percent of Crimeans speak Russian, and have ties to their motherland, therefore it came as no surprise to see Russian flags flying at the airports and on the Crimean parliament building. The airports that are under Russian control are Sevastopol and Simferporol.


The West has a big problem that Russia has accused them of provoking.  They are asking Russia not to make any military move, but Russia has said they consider the Crimean situation an "internal" matter.


The problem at hand is that for the West to intervene on behalf of Ukraine, would be like Russia intervening in matters concerning Canada.


According to The Guardian, the Kremlin has denied any involvement in this very Crimean coup, and that on Thursday, the Crimean parliament announced it would hold a referendum on the peninsula's future status on 25 May. That is the same day Ukraine goes to the polls in fresh presidential elections.


The outcome, The Guardian believes, can have only one result: a vote to secede from Ukraine. After that, Crimea can go one of two ways. It could formally join the Russian Federation. Or, more probably, it might become a sort of giant version of South Ossetia or Abkhazia, Georgia's two Russian-occupied breakaway republics.


This move in the chess game must have been foreseen by Putin who has kept silent, something that has surprised Russian-protected Viktor Yanukovich. (pop-up)

"I consider what has happened to be an armed invasion and occupation in violation of all international agreements and norms," Interior Minister Arsen Avakov said on his Facebook page.

The BBC is reporting that the airport occupation is latest in a series of moves to raise fears of unrest in Crimea, which traditionally leans towards Russia. (pop-up)

Russia was certainly not going to sit on its hands and watch its territorial ally fall. A few weeks ago, Russia accused the U.S. of generating this crisis, very much like what we see happening in Venezuela.

This time Russia is taking matters in its own hands, and perhaps Obama realizes he bit more than he could chew.

On January 25, Russia had warned the U.S. not to interfere in the affairs of Ukraine, because John Kerry was making noise about the crisis.

"I told [U.S. Secretary of State] John Kerry that is very important now not to interfere in the process and to avoid any statements that will only heat up the situation," Lavrov said in an interview with state television news program Vesti v Subbotu, according to Reuters. "I hoped he heard me," Lavrov added.

The State Department woke up on Friday morning and realized Russia was not bluffing. By dawn on Feb. 28, Russian boots were already on the ground.

"That is something we're watching very carefully; it appears that Russia will take an active role in the Ukraine," said Jim Russell, senior equity strategist at US Bank Wealth Management, who cited the potential for political disruptions to the natural gas and "to some degree global oil output."

US officials confirmed to NBC that uniformed Russian forces, apparently a hybrid of military and paramilitary, were flying into the Crimean capital Simferopol.

Perhaps Obama's greatest blunder is his continuous issuing of public threats to presidents of sovereign nations.  He has threatened Putin, and now Putin is well prepared to play hardball.  Watch the full Putin documentary below:

Putin was named the most powerful man in 2013.  

The latest move of Russia issuing instant citizenship and passports to Ukraine's former riot police, is an indication that Vladmir Putin has also infiltrated the gatekeepers of Ukraine and the game is on. (pop-up)

How will this chess game end?  The first week of March will give us a peek into inner workings of the Kremlin.     Add Comments>>











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