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Prisoners in Virginia Are in Segregation Over Reluctance To Follow Grooming Policy

 by Joseph Ernest July5, 2010




 Newscast Media --  Prisoners in Virginia are being held in isolation due to their refusal to follow the grooming policy that requires them to cut their hair. Over 40 inmates justify their refusal because of religious reasons.  


Among the inmates that were reviewed, 13 of them were Rastafarians who say it is part of their religion to grow dreadlocks and not shave their beards.  A spokesperson for the Department of Corrections said the policy that went into effect in December 1999, will not change, and that if the prisoners want to come out of segregation, they should cut off their hair.


In 2003 the ACLU tried to help a group of Rastafarians and Muslims fight the Virginia policy was but was unsuccessful.  The Department of Corrections does give them visitation rights on holy days.     Add comments>>







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