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Trump wins--All hail the Don, a new era has dawned


 President Trump with son Baron giving acceptance speech after historic presidential win. -Screencapture by Newscast Media


by Joseph Earnest November 9, 2016


Newscast Media NEW YORKThe world's greatest marketer, has undoubtedly also become the greatest political mind America has produced in recent memory.


By defeating the Republican, the Clinton and Obama political machines, President Donald Trump, a man whose mind is so marvelously endowed by nature with a business acumen, has once and for all demonstrated he is also just as politically astute in his undertakings.


Having been saturated with establishment politicians, American politics yearned to be vanquished by fresh talent, and when the heavens looked upon the earth to search for a mind that would vanquish the American political landscape, it would be the Donald, who would be chosen to embark upon that task.


On November 8, 2016 the Don, against all odds, did arise and shine above all the naysayers, the button-pushers, the movers, shakers and all the mediocre bystanders, who were all trampled upon by the stampede, and were left licking their wounds.


In the end, America rejected Clinton, and thrust the Donald into the White House in an election which Trump won 290 electoral votes, compared to Hillary's 228.


Republicans also control the Senate with 52 seats while the Democrats have 48, and the House of Representatives is also dominated by the GOP with 238 seats while the Democrats have 193. Accordingly, the Republicans now control the White House, Senate and House, so there should be no room for error in repealing and replacing the disastrous policies of previous administrations, going back to the Clinton era.

electoral vote

Screencapture of CNN's election results.


As such, a new era has dawned. The Don, being a man known to honor his word, a man whose love for country is so utter, so complete, will be remembered throughout posterity as the man who gave America back to her people. Add Comments>> 














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