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2012 election


Presidential candidates capitalize on social media for turnout



by Joseph Earnest  November 6, 2012  


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasSocial media is one of the platforms that is playing a vital role for both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama, both of whom have heavily invested in it. Alerts are also sent to mobile devices of voters who are on the candidates' mailing lists, in form of robo-calling.


While Yahoo and Facebook are openly pro-Obama, Romney early on got an edge by purchasing Google AdWords and AdChoice banners, essentially saturating the Web with his message.  This trend was seen in 2008 when Obama did the same and eventually defeated John McCain who was outspent by a 10:1 ratio.


Being outspent by Obama is not the case for Mitt Romney who is spending obscene amounts of money in his ads, online and offline. When one also considers the SuperPACs, that can spend unlimited amounts of money, it all boils down to whose message resonates best with the voters.


It remains to be seen whether Twitter, Facebook and YouTube followers, will become voters on election day, which isn't always the case. Some follow out of curiosity, others follow as critics, while some do so out of loyalty for their candidate.


Perhaps the most influential, who eclipses social media is Matt Drudge of the Drudge Report.  Because his is typically news-related, unlike social media,  politicians benefit tremendously from advertizing on his site.  This cycle, Mitt Romney has been a beneficiary of such exposure, whose banners are prominently advertised on Drudge.


Both candidates are expected to send out messages to their followers on social media sites after the results are finally announced, thanking them for their support and efforts, regardless of the outcome. Add Comments>>









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