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Kelsey Lewis-Celebrating The Biggest Party On Earth


Singer and Songwriter Kelsey Lewis


by Joseph Earnest  July 3, 2012                   


Newscast Media HOUSTON, TexasThere are a few ways people can achieve personal development in life. Some do it by making mistakes, others through observation, while some achieve it through mentorship. It is possible to tell what a person values most, by the amount of time the person spends doing it.  In a world where everything competes for our time, we have to partition it based on what holds the greatest priority.  Even though the rich, the poor, the wise, and the imbeciles have 24 hours in a day, it is the way we spend and value our time, that determines whether our actions are efficient, or inefficient.


A successful act is one where time has been spent efficiently, while an unsuccessful act is where time is spent inefficiently.  I've said before that development is bi-directional, meaning, people change their world as it changes them. However, some might argue that everything is pre-ordained and destined to happen with or without our involvement.


The great French writer and poet Voltaire was confronted with this logic and responded by saying: "Either the world subsists by its own nature, or by its own physical laws, or a Supreme Being has formed it according to His supreme laws: in both cases, these laws are immovable; in both cases everything is necessary... Weak-minded people say, 'My physician has brought my aunt safely through a mortal disease; he has made my aunt live ten years longer than she ought.' Your physician saved your aunt, but in so doing he certainly did not contradict the order of nature, but followed it.  It is clear that your aunt could not prevent her birth at a certain place, that she could not help being affected by a certain illness at a certain time; that the physician could be in no other place than where he was, that your aunt could not but call him, that he could not but prescribe the medicines that cured her."

(Voltaire's Philosophical Dictionary pg. 165).


In other words, do what you were destined to do, and in retrospect, it will all make sense, since a lot depends on what we do not do, than what we do. Nothing happens by coincidence.  Having an observant eye, or the ability to see what others don't, is another crucial ingredient in determining the outcome of one's life.


Ed Wright, in his A Left-handed History of The World, writes about a famous account recorded by an eye witness named Marsysas of Macedon, who saw Alexander taming the horse, Bucephalas.  The horse had been sold to Alexander's father, Philip, King of Macedonia, who became very angry when Bucephalas proved untamable, and allowed none of his men to mount him. When Philip ordered the horse taken away, Alexander interjected, "They cannot handle him because they lack understanding and courage," and demanded a chance to ride the horse himself.  His father laughed at him and asked what price Alexander would pay if he couldn't tame the horse.  Alexander replied that he would pay his father the full price of the horse, amid much laughter from the King's companions.  


Alexander had noticed that the reason Bucephalas was untamable was because he had become spooked by having his shadow in front of him.  He turned the horse around so he was facing the sun, and encouraged him gently before mounting him.  When Philip noticed his son's success he allegedly said, "My boy, seek a kingdom to match yourself.  Macedonia is not large enough to hold you."


Alexander became great because it was his ability to see what others took for granted, that gave him the edge over them.  He dared to see things differently.  Likewise, your ability to see things that others ignore, will result into effective living, and creating value in your life.     Add Comments>>








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